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      Products available for Export are only
      Vane pumps & Vane Motors
      Hydraulic Cylinders

      Hydraulic Cylinders - HT Series


      HT Series
      Bore Size (Inch) 1?" – 12"
      Bore Size (mm) 40 - 320
      Maximum Pressure (psi) 2350
      Maximum Pressure (bar) 160

      Confirms to ISO:6020
      Part II/III

      Choice of 18 Mounting Styles

      Compact Tie-Rod Design

      Piston and Rod Seals Options:
      NBR for 0-80?C / FKM (VITON) for 0-180?C/
      V PACK (NBR/ FKM(VITON) / PTFE Bronze Glide Rings
      With NBR / FKM (VITON) energizer Orings.

      * For more details download below pdf

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