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      Products available for Export are only
      Vane pumps & Vane Motors
      Marine Equipment

      Double Ram Arrangement
      Actuator Arrangement

      Modular Designs

      Veljan steering gears use standard sets of cylinders that can be utilized in most applications. The only variable in design is the tiller and upper bearing carrier assembly, which are specified in concurrence with the vessel's characteristics and the required rudder deflections. By applying this method of modular design, each system can easily be designed and configured in accordance with specific requirements. This process also ensures short delivery times once an order is placed.

      Single Ram Arrangement

      General Features

      ? Applicable to all types of vessels and yachts, ranging from 50 to 200 meters, & 25000 Tons

      ? Applicable to single & multiple rudder steering configurations

      ? Interfaces with complete range of autopilots

      ? Meets all major classification standards

      ? Simple to install & minimum maintenance

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