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      Products available for Export are only
      Vane pumps & Vane Motors
      Marine Equipment

      Control Systems

      ? Microprocessor/Micro-controller/VME 64 Bus based with Real Time Operating System, with high level programming languages C/C++, VC++ and RT Linux Pro providing simple integration for tomorrow’s Mission Critical applications, with wide range of portability to various architectures.

      ? Increased Operational Capability & Built In Test Equipment

      ? Open Architecture Features.

      ? Distributed Digital Control System with Adaptive control capabilities.

      ? HMI functions with custom based functional features.

      ? Networking capabilities, Utility software for simple communication between peripherals.

      ? Data acquisition and control software to test the system before starting the application soft ware and report failures to the operator.

      ? Hardware and software is robust, modular, contemporary system, up-gradable, maintainable & expandable.

      ? A single failure in the system (including accumulated latent malfunctions, operator malfunctions, power supply and communication malfunctions) will not interrupt the Control and Monitoring functions.

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