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      Products available for Export are only
      Vane pumps & Vane Motors
      Marine Equipment

      Fin Stabilisers

      Veljan introduces the next generation of ship roll stabilisers that feature a new digital VME-64 control system. Our ship roll stabilizer is a proven design for maximum performance and reliability. The latest advances in technology have been applied to this design to provide a ship roll stabilizer system that truly delivers ship comfort and safety even in the roughest seas.

      Salient features

      ? Improved safety and vessel performance

      ? Increased passenger / crew comfort

      ? Proven design to maximum performance and reliability

      ? New Digital Control System with serial connectivity and simple to use touch-screen controls

      ? Upgraded machinery elements to enhance performance and supportability

      ? Dedicated Project Management Team that provides an array of support services from technical consulting to commissioning

      ? Electronics allow operating up to 4 fin stabilisers simultaneously

      ? Improved system reliability by the use of a new Roll Motion Sensor with no moving parts

      ? Redundant operator interfaces

      ? System diagnostic capabilities with intelligent alarm messaging

      ? Emergency centering of the fins is possible by hand operated pump arrangement

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