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      Products available for Export are only
      Vane pumps & Vane Motors
      Marine Equipment

      Steering Gear Systems
      Steering Gear Compartment Layout of a Ship

      Veljan Steering Gear system features hydraulic cylinders & rams powered by axial piston pumps. The system is of modular design which offers a great amount of flexibility to be installed in various ship configurations.

      The double-acting hydraulic cylinders in the Veljan systems are offered in single and double sets based on the combination. These cylinders are specially designed for the rigorous demands in marine applications.

      Veljan offers complex electric-hydraulic power steering gear systems comprising motors starters, alarm panels, control systems, autopilot interfacing and rudder angle indicators.

      Salient features of Veljan’s Steering System systems are:

      ? Designed for simple operation

      ? Modular construction for easy installation

      ? High quality components and axial piston pumps for long life and reliability

      ? Simplified maintenance

      Ram & Cylinder Assemblies


      ? Max torque of 2.5 Tm to 90 Tm

      ? Single fork and double fork

      ? Mechanical locking pin arrangement

      ? Single and double keyway

      ? Straight and tapered bore

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