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      Products available for Export are only
      Vane pumps & Vane Motors
      Marine Equipment

      Test Facilities

      Test facilities available for carrying out functional trials of all Assemblies/Sub-assemblies and also carryout Full fledged Integration Trials of Steering Gear and Stabiliser systems.

      Test Bed Facility for :

      ? Axial Piston Pumps

      ? Hand Pumps

      ? Actuators

      ? Distributors & Manifolds Blocks


      Integration Trials of Steering and Stabiliser Systems :

      ? Hooking up the system with all the equipment

      ? Endurance run

      ? Protocols Checking with other systems

      ? Functional Checks

      ? Tuning of parameters till acceptable accuracy is achieved

      ? Recording of the data

      ? Performance analysis

      ? Third party inspection and validation

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