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      Products available for Export are only
      Vane pumps & Vane Motors
      Veljan Group Products

      New Products

      Gear Pumps

      B Series   C Series   D Series   E Series

      Hydraulic Filters & V20 Mobile Directional Control Valves

      Hydraulic Filters   V20 MDCV        
      Vane Pumps & Motors

      The Hydraulic Pump range consists of (1) Fixed displacement pin vane design vane pump (2) Variable volume floating ring design vane pump with adjustable pressure (3) Swash plate design load sensing piston pump for open loop application (3) Rocker Cam design pressure compensated variable volume piston pump for open & closed loop applications

      The Hydraulic Motor range consists of (1) Fixed displacement Vane Motors in four basic frame sizes featuring reversible shaft rotation (2) Low Speed High Torque Motors with roller cam design similar to SAMM Motors (3) Piston Motors

      Single Pumps   Double Pumps   Triple Pumps   Drive train Pumps

      VST7 Silent Pumps   Variable Volume Pumps   Vane Motors    

      Gear Pumps
      B Series   C Series   D Series   E Series

      Hydraulic Valves

      The Hydraulic Valve range consists of (1) Pressure Controls – Relief, Reducer, Unloader & Sequence (2) Flow Controls – with & without pressure compensation and reverse check valve (3) Non Return Valves – Direct & Pilot operated (4) Directional Control Valves with sub plate design (5) Multi Segment Directional Control Mobile Valves (6) Cartridge Valves (7) Stack Valves.

      Pressure Controls   Check Valves   Seat Valves   Flow Controls

      Direction Control          

      System Savers
      Single Vane Pumps   Double Vane Pumps   Triple Vane Pumps    

      Hydraulic Cylinders

      The Hydraulic Cylinder division manufactures cylinders from 40mm to 1000 mm bore size & stroke lengths up to 8500 mm for pressures up to 500 bar. The cylinders are offered in (1) Tie Rod design conforming to ISO-6020 , Part- II / III and NFPA / JIC standards (2) Heavy Mill Duty design conforming to ISO-6020, Part- I & ISO-6022 (3) Flush Design threaded rod gland type for Mobile / Agriculture Machines (4) Custom built to special design as per customer requirements.

      HT Series   HR Series   HH Series   HG Series

      Special Series          
      Power Packs & Manifolds
      Power Packs   Manifolds
      Marine Equipment

      The Systems Division manufactures (1) Non Retractable Fin Stabilizers (2) Steering Gears in Ram, Actuator and Rotary Vane type designs for Marine Ships.

      Overview   Steering Gear System   Fin Stabilizer System   Hydraulic Power Unit

      Control Systems   Test Facilities   Other Accessories    

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