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      Products available for Export are only
      Vane pumps & Vane Motors
      Gear Pumps

      Mobile Directional Valve - V20

      Salient features

      Simple, compact and heavy duty designed sectional valve with following features:

      ? Parallel work sections with individual load ports

      ? Open center, closed center and power beyond applications.

      ? Spring center is standard. detent options on customer requests.

      ? Work port relief valves and anticavitation check valves are available

      ? Spool ends with caps. Lever end protected from dust by bellow

      ? Inlet & Outlet ports with threading options for UNF, BSP, NPTF.

      ? Load check valves for all spools to prevent back flow from pump

      ? Work Port Relief valve provision to limit the pressure in each spool section


      * For more details download below pdf

        V20 Mobile Directional Control Valve Catalogue Send Enquiry